Sunday, July 13, 2008

Isn't Conky the best? You like?

So yesterday night, I was bored and I thought about doing something on my computer. I stumbled onto Conky and then I thought what a nifty thing to have especially when you are using Linux. I thought, I should give it a try and then I spent few hours on it and then I got it working fine. I thought that if it took me this much time to get it working after some tweaking, then why not share it with others, which may save some people some time. Digg this if you want me to write a step-by-step how to for this.

Here is a Screenshot of what I have:

I know it looks good. No? Well, I just hope that you like it. I am going to put my ".conkyrc" file here. If you like it and if you like it then just drop me a line. I am thinking about writing a HOWTO step by step on my next blog. But, I need an incentive to write this "howto" (So drop me a line if you want me to write one :).However, If you are familiar with Conky then you will be able to figure everything out by yourself.

So, I hope that enough people want this! Trust me, its so light and useful and pretty that you will like to have it on your desktop.

You can find my configuration here.

I know it looks really complicated and geeky, but its PRETTY EASY to use it. All you have to do is copy this configuration into a file and then that's it. See its that easy! You are more than welcome to use this configuration and then if you make it look better then please drop me a line. I will be more than happy to see if you can make it look better than this.

So if you want this then drop me a line here and I will write a HOWTO and then it will be easier for the newbies. I am asking this because I don't know if enough people out there can't figure this out.

Many people asked me for the weather python scripts. I am sorry but I have been busy with my projects lately so I couldn't follow this post. Here is the link where you can follow the instructions to get your python script. If you have any more questions then please write a comment and I will do my best to answer.


MarkTraceur said...

Um, wrong, you need to post the python scripts for the weather and other things. The MPD approach is also not working well with Amarok :(

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Deepu, this is missing the Python scripts...

Deepu Kumar said...

alright guys. I know its missing the python script and also some fonts which you need to install. I think I am going to write a howto soon and then I will put everything online. Its just that its only you two who asked me about it. I hope that there are other people who also want it otherwise it wouldn't worth spending a lot of time writing a howto.

In that case just holler at me and then I will send you or post the python script :)

I am glad you guys liked it.

Rafe said...

I'd like to see everything here too. I haven't actually used Conky yet, but have been thinking of getting rid of the screenlets and using Conky for some time. This is one example that I would employ. I guess I'm one who would need a "how-to." There may be others who have looked, have no idea how to set up and configure Conky, but didn't bother to inquire about it.

pemakhov said...

I like this design of conky very much. I'm iven not sure, if it is possible to make smth. better :) Very cool.
So, I wont scripts too :)

timz84 said...

I would also like you to post the weather script

pemakhov said...

I've got a script & it works, thenks to google. But I can't use conky with compiz fusion, because it don't work correct when starts up with a system. :(

Anonymous said...

Here is one that looks cool Here is one that looks cool

Anonymous said...

I would love to see a how to, but I would love to see the weather Python script even more! great job thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Great looking conky!

Where can I download the weather fonts?


loris32 said...

good job, but can you put the pyton scripts???
thank you

Jude Pereira said...

Hi, I'm more interested in the themes your using. If its not too much to ask, could you tell me what controls, icons and wallpaper you are using? If possible, could you also sent me the links to it?

Deepu Kumar said...

For the wallpaper here is the link. I have changed my theme after that long time ago, but i tried to find the wallpaper for you. Here is the link for the wallpaper:

I don't remember what icons i was using that time but most of the icons you see as shortcuts are just from here and there online.

hope this helps.