Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Did you ever thought, what you could do with the food beside eat it? Drive evil spirits away, Use it for good luck and many other uses. Many people actually used to or still believe in these bizarre rituals and superstitions related to food. I found few of them and I thought I should share it with you all.

Bake your cake while the sun is rising, and do not throw away the eggshells until the baking is done.

Tossing coffee grounds under steps leading to the kitchen will rid the home ants.

If you spot bubbles in a cup of coffee, try to spoon them up and eat them before they burst. If you succeed, you will receive money from an unexpected source.

If you don't spit out the seeds while eating a grape, the seeds will give you appendicitis. (Thank God there are seedless grapes out there)

It's meant to be a bad luck if you gather Blackberries after October 11th.

If you love someone and you want him/her to love you back then you should give them an orange.

Hold a buttercup under someone's chin. If it casts a yellow colored shadow then that person 'loves' to eat butter.

If you are deaf then, you should eat Onions mixed with 'ant eggs', which will cure your deafness.

If there is a thunderstorm out there then you should save yourself and your milk. This is because, its believed that, the sound of thunder would turn the milk sour.

It is a bad luck to eat the last piece of bread on a plate, this is because it is believed that it will cause a bachelor to marry, or an unmarried woman to stay unmarried. (I think its a bit sexist)

If you have a tree which doesn't bear fruit? Well it is believed that if you hammer a peg or nail into a fruit tree that bears no fruit, soon you will have some fruits.

If you are bald then here is something which will help you. It is believed that if you pour Rum on a your bald head, it will cure your baldness. (what a waste of alcohol)

There is always a good reason to watch your steps. Tipping over a slice of cake on a plate while serving a guest is a sign of bad luck.

If you want your Cabbage to flourish and do well, you should plat them on St. Patrick's Day.

Two yolks in an Easter egg is a good omen. It is believed to make you rick someday soon.

You like eating bananas? Well, bananas must be broken apart - never cut with a knife. Because, it is believed that cutting bananas brings bad luck.

Oh you think you are dumb? You want a solution? It is believed that eating peaches gives you wisdom.

If you grow too much lettuce in your garden, your wife will never conceive children. (I wonder when it came from, this just dones't make sense. As if the rest of them make sense.)

I hope that you enjoyed reading this.