Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ubuntu (Hardy) or OpenSuse-11.0? Make up your mind and let's end this once for all!

You want to know which is the best for you? You want to know what others think? You want to let people know which OS is better? You have come to the right place. Let everyone hear your voice and find out what others are thinking. This is going to help people like me and you. I have made up my choice and I want to know what you think. So just take a second to vote and please decide once for all!


Anonymous said...

Meh. If you asked me, I would say ArchLinux. From these two, Ubuntu is the clear winner.

Mike said...

Linux is Linux, and Linux beats Windows on virtually every measure. Ubuntu is a great distro if you don't want to think a lot about "the computing experience" and just want to work. openSUSE has the best choices of software, and has a great install/admin tool in YaST.

Deepu Kumar said...

I agree that "Linux is Linux", but when you can differentiate between two kinds of distribution of Linux then you should try to stick with the better one for your needs. I agree that you can use Yast in Suse, but Yast is way too slow compared to apt-get in Ubuntu. Also, its NOT true that you have more/different options for software. You can find more .deb files than .rpm. I have looked for it.