Friday, June 27, 2008

The worst and the best movies of 2008 so far!

Iron Man vs Indian Jones! You can see which one is not worth your time and money! You can't chose which one you want to watch? I can save your day (as if you are going to listen to me :P), but anyway I am here to help. For some people, I would say, its not even worth reading this blog here as you will find out why I said so... Read on to find out.

Indian Jones and the kingdom of the Crystal Skull:
I can say that I am a die hard Indiana Jones fan and I grew up watching the first three films again and again. When I heard about the fourth movie (Crystal Skull), I was really excited but after watching the movie, all I could think is that, they should have let alone the idea of making a fourth movie as the trilogy ended so perfectly. However, I went to the movie with my great enthusiasm and I really really forced myself to like it, let alone love it but that was just impossible. This is primarily because of the poor script, which could have been written by a 10 year old who is bad at writing stories.

The action sequences in the Crystal Skull are staged and edited horribly. As far as I remember, there is just plenty of frantic energy, lots of noise but the sense of rediscovery is totally absent. I would say that this movie has ruiend the unprecedented blend of action and comedy that made the previous three movies so much fun. The adventurous ride ends with the trilogy which is totally lost in the Crystal Skull.

I found it really disappointing and I would like to call it a desecration of the franchise, a way to milk the cash-cow, which makes your eyes tired after watching the movie. 'Most' of the movie is swamped in a sea of stunts and CGI as the scenes and character relationships are just charmless. To me Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull is nothing more than a very minor chapter in the adventures of one of Hollywood's most beloved action heroes. Its a huge disappointment for those who waited patiently for his return.

This was the last thing I had expected from its great casts and directors. The film's greatest crime is that its not a fun film at all, as it keeps you busy thinking about how the story line doesn't fit together. I did not have a clue what was happening in the Crystal Skull almost throughout the movie. As I was getting my bearings towards the end of the movie, an alien spaceship took off, I almost whispered to the guy next to me "Please...make it stop!"

Iron Man:
After watching 'Iron Man' twice already, I can say that this is an exciting kick-off to the summer season. If the 1940s was the golden age of comic books, then we are now in the golden age of comic book movies.

Robert Downey, Jr., the leading man is the true revelation of the Iron Man, who may not be giving the greatest superhero performance ever, but in my eyes he certainly is one of the best actors to ever portray a superhero. This movie is politically smart, action packed and loads of fun. Its highly entertaining and well made movie, which can be in the same league as "Spider Man-2", "Superman Returns", "X-Men-2" and "Batman Begins". You might think that its hard to believe, but yes! it is that good.

Iron man is not only action packed but it is also laced with a story that has a good quality substance with wit and romance added to please the audience of all ages. Before I went to watch this movie, I did not have very high expectations, but after leaving the cinema hall I could see that this movie has made an erstwhile tin man look like an amazing superhero.

Director Jon Favreau's controlling visual effects in "Zathura" is not there anymore. You can see his new clunky prologue and escape sequence flawlessly placed together in the story containing smartness, humor and soul. Jon Favreau has turned a comic strip into an excellent engaging amalgam, which might have been just another Marvel strip.

The gadgetry used in the movie is absolutely dazzling, which matches with the exhilarating action with a pinch of scintillating comedy. The main thing which sets this movie apart from the rest of the superhero movies is that its is not bogged down with the repetitive superhero mantra; "with great power comes great responsibility."

In my opinion Iron Man has not only etched itself the mark of one of the best reviewed movies so far in 2008, but also one of the highest superhero movies of all time. With talented casts, interesting director and a wealth of plots from comics ready to be mined for future story-lines, this movie definitely leaves you wanting more.

So I would say, Get your popcorn ready! Iron Man is the perfect start to the summer movie season. This movie keeps you entertained till the end with its blending brains and geekiness in equal measures. I would like to conclude with a reminding note for everyone about to set their foot in the theaters, stay till the closing credits of the movie, the Iron Man song is just the right punch you need to get out of the theater if you are wanting more.

#Note: I am not getting paid to do this :P. This is my personal opinion and if you have any comments please don't keep it to yourself as its a huge debate topic among my friends at the moment. So let me know if I am wrong/right, your input would be highly appreciated.