Thursday, June 26, 2008

Animal Superstitions [I]; you can choose to believe in them or maybe not!

Superstitions are always intriguing, even if you don't believe in them. When you hear a superstition and if you are part of it, then you do feel this weird thing about them, even if you don't choose to believe in them. Well, I just stumbled on to few of the very old ones relating to animals, collected by Edwin and Mona Radford in their book, Encyclopedia of Superstitions (Yeah there is an encyclopedia about it!)

  1. A strange dog following you is good luck. A dog howling is a sure sign of death.
  2. If a rooster crows near the door with his face towards it, it is a sure prediction of the arrival of a stranger.
  3. Good luck will attend anyone upon whose face a spider falls from the ceiling.
  4. If a cat sneezes, it is a sign of rain. If a cat sneezes three times, a cold will run through the family.
  5. Living pigeons cut in half and applied to the feet of a man in fever will cure him (don't try this at home please).
  6. To cure illness in a family was the patient and throw the water on a cat. Then drive the cat out of the doors, and it will take the illness with it.
  7. If blind people are kind to ravens they will learn how to regain their sight.
  8. If you find a hairy caterpillar you should throw it over your shoulder for good luck.
  9. If a dog passes between a couple who are going to be married, much ill-luck will result to them.
  10. Mice, minced, given to a sufferer, will cure measles.
  11. Dried rat's tails will cure a cold.
  12. If a white weasel crosses your path, it presages death or misfortune; but if one runs in front of you, you will be able to beat all your enemies.
  13. If a cat sneezes near a bride, it means she will have good luck in her wedded life.
  14. When mice swarm into a house hitherto free from them, a member of the household will die.
  15. If the rooster crows at midnight, the Angel of Death is passing over the house.
  16. If a man should kill a glowworm, it will endanger his lover affair, and may cause the death of his beloved.
I know that few of them sound really silly but some people still believe in a lot of superstitious beliefs. I hope that you had fun reading these. I found these interesting and thought I should share them with you.



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Boo said...

Here's one more: hitting a bird with your car means imminent death in the family.

Though not related to animals, here's another good one: If you believe in jesus christ, you will go to heaven when you die; if you do not, you will spend eternity in hell.