Tuesday, June 24, 2008

1 to 21 most interesting things/facts I thought you should know.

1. An average person swallows three spiders every year.
2. The carrot was purple in its ancient form, not orange.
3. Only female mosquitoes bite; they need the blood to nourish their eggs.
4. An average French person uses 2 soap bars each year.
5. Brasilia (the capital of Brazil) founded in 1960 is one of the newest cities in the world.
6. Women look at other women more than they look at men.
7. The district of Columbia has one lawyer for every 19 residents (wow!).
8. The blue whale's tongue weighs as much as an adult elephant.
9. Onions have no flowers, only a smell.
10. Only one-third of the Americans say they'd want their boss's job (its lonely at the top).
11. Doctors say that people who have pet fish fall asleep easier than people who don't.
12. The smallest mammal on Earth is the 'The bumblebee bat' (It weighs less than a penny).
13. In the U.S, the second most popular place to eat breakfast is: The Car.
14. The wild turkey is the only bird with a beard (haha!).
15. Poll result: 50% of all Oreo-eaters say they pull them apart before eating them.
16. Squirrels lose at least half the nuts they hide (They forget where they put them).
17. The average human body has about 100 millimeters of bowel gas at one time.
18. The Italian flag was designed by Napoleon Bonaparte.
19. The average take from a bank robbery is about $3,000 (Is it worth the risk?).
20. The world's most expensive spice: Spanish saffron (It can cost more than $2000 per pound).
21. A bloody wound on your body starts to clot in less than 10 seconds.

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