Sunday, June 29, 2008

[15] Acronym that will make you laugh, such as "C.R.A.P"

I found these acronyms at different places and I thought I should share them with you. Sure they made me laugh so much. And, oh they are real. I hope you like them.

(1) CRAP
Committee to Resist Acronym Proliferation.

Graffiti Habitual Offenders Suppression Team.

Special Word Indexed Full-Text Alpha-Numeric Storage With Easy Retrieval (Longest true acronym in far).

Piss Off Early, Tomorrow's Saturday (British slang for "TGIF").

(5) SCAM
Southern California Auto Mart.

(6) CACA
Canadian Agricultural Chemicals Associations.

Bay Area Resources Recovery Facility.

(8) NAPS
National Alliance of Postal Supervisors.

(9) RUIN
Regional Urban Information Network

(10) FIB
Fisherman's Information Bureau (It was this big...really!).

(11) SLUTS
School of Librarianship Urban Transportation System.

(12) SAP
Society for American Philosophy.

(13) EATM
Exotic Animal Training Management.

(14) GORK
God Only Really Knows (How doctors refer to patients they can't diagnose).

(15) WUNY
Wait Until Next Year (Said after a losing season).

Hope you enjoyed it, if you know some other hilarious ones, please share!